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Uchaguzi 2022 partners

Key Uchaguzi Partnerships
Ushahidi has built partnerships with local civil society organizations, official NGOs, governments, religious organizations and local election observation groups. We will be launching for the Kenya elections.
Partner list
National Council for Persons with Disability
Handling issues pertaining to accessibility during the election process
Baraza Media Lab/ Fumbua Initiative
Handling issues pertaining to fact-checking, verification and escalating fake news reports on social media
Electoral Law and Governance Institute for Africa (ELGIA)
Handling issues around constitutional democracy, good governance, human rights, and electoral process issues resolution
Transparency International Kenya
Handling issues around integrity, transparency, and accountability in electoral processes
Handling gender-responsive education about citizen’s constitutional rights and responsibilities in the election
Kenya Correspondents Association
Verification, gathering and disseminating news about major events in the country
Protection International - Kenya
Vulnerability assessment, protection management, and creation of a safe and enabling environment for Uchaguzi partners
Kenya Editors Guild
Monitoring verification and ethical journalism during Uchaguzi
Mathare Social Justice Centre (MSJC)
Verification of issues pertaining to human rights and social justice in informal settlements during the election
Map Kibera
Verification of issues pertaining to human rights and social justice in informal settlements during the election
Mzalendo Trust
Information sharing and monitoring public participation in the elections
ACT!(Act Change Transform)
Handling peacebuilding and monitoring/countering violent extremism during the elections
Centre for Multiparty Democracy, CMD-Kenya
Handling issues relating to political parties and political reconciliation
The Sentinel Project
Research on misinformation and fake news
Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO)
Election monitoring, and escalation on issues relating to human rights, governance, and democracy
Independent Medico Legal Unit
Response and escalation for medical emergencies
Elections Observation Group (ELOG)
Verification and escalation of observer reports during elections
Communications Authority of Kenya
Escalation of issues pertaining to hate speech and ethical journalism on media
iHub Kenya
Hosting election situation room
NOTE: Official partners will have backend access to the platform via trained participants during Uchaguzi. We will work with them for verification and feedback. They are not given veto rights over content. Unofficial partners are welcome to send information to the platform. They are not provided backend access to the platform. We may work with partners to verify and provide feedback to the platform.
The Kenyan Elections are scheduled for August 9, 2022