Analysis and Research


This team is responsible for analyzing data within the platform, and providing situation room reports in the form of data visualization, pdfs etc. They will:-

  • Provide Uchaguzi team with twice daily reports

  • Review online datasets and provide data viz infographics and sensemaking.

  • Work with the communications folks to publish blog posts and situation reports in near real-time.

They will be given access to download and analyze reports in order to:-

  • Identify any critical or urgent items.

  • Identify patterns or gaps of information.

  • Prepare analysis by types of reports and locations.

Step by Step Guide

Log into your team slack channel

Make sure you’re logged into slack and announce to your team that you’re starting your shift. If you don’t have access to the slack channel, please get in touch with an Ushahidi team member or your team leader and we’ll grant you access as per the Uchaguzi Access Chart {Add link to doc once exists}

Log in to the Uchaguzi Deployment here

If your account has not been upgraded to manage incoming posts, please alert your team lead with your username and we’ll upgrade you.

Downloading posts

As a member of the Analysis and Research team, you will have access to all collections and saved searches.

  • Collections are a manually-curated grouping of posts. They are not dynamic, meaning posts have to be manually added into a collection. They are not automatically updated. Below are the collections that your team will have access to

  • High Risk Counties

  • Medium High Risk Counties

  • Medium Low Risk Counties

  • Low Risk Counties

Every post needs to fall in one of the above categories depending on the county the information is coming from.

Select a post and add to one of the collections

  • Saved searches are dynamic groupings of posts that match parameters chosen in search filters. These are dynamic because any incoming posts match the criteria, they are automatically updated into the saved search. Below are the saved searches that your team will have access to.

    • My Posts: Contains all posts created by you as a logged in user of Uchaguzi

    • Posts from SMS, Email, Twitter: Contains all posts received from SMS, Email and Twitter that require structuring.

    • Needs Escalation: Contains all posts that have been flagged for escalation by the emergency team.

    • Needs Translation: Contains all posts that have been received in local languages and require translation into English.

    • Needs Geolocation: Contains all posts that do not have proper location information tagged to them.

    • Unverified posts: Contains all posts that are unverified

    • Unpublished posts: Contains all posts that are under review and have not been made public.

    • Published Posts: Contains all posts that have been published.

    • Verified Posts: Contains all posts that have been verified.

NB: In the event that you the saved searches and collections we have on the platform are not adequate, you can create your own saved searches and collections based on your own custom criteria. See our documentation for more detail on how to create saved searches and collections, as well as sign up for notifications.

To export a CSV file,

  • Click on saved search/collection you’d like to export data from.

    • You can also use the Search section on your header to filter posts you would like to export based on specific criteria

  • Once done, click on the Share button on the right hand of your header menu

Then click on Export to CSV as shown below:

  • A small confirmation box will appear seeking confirmation on whether you would like to proceed with exporting your data.

    • Click on OK to export your CSV file

    • Click on Cancel if you would like to terminate the export process

  • You should get a CSV file named after your deployment name in your downloads folder

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