This team is responsible for posts review and publishing. NO OTHER TEAM, except this one, will publish posts.

They will act as the first quality control step in the workflow process by working closely with the all Uchaguzi digital response teams to ensure posts are fit to publicly appear on the map by:-

  • Ensuring all required fields are filled

  • Confirm that a post has been geo-located AND translated

  • Escalate urgent posts to the Escalation team

  • Publishing posts that meet Uchaguzi privacy and security guidelines

NB: You are the last set of eyes before a post goes LIVE on the map. If you have any doubts, concerns or issues related to a post, ask your team lead/coordinators, or your team on the slack channel.

Step by Step Guide

Log into your team slack channel

Make sure you’re logged into slack and announce to your team that you’re starting your shift. If you don’t have access to the slack channel, please get in touch with an Ushahidi team member or your team leader and we’ll grant you access as per the Uchaguzi Access Chart here

Log in to the Uchaguzi Deployment here

If your account has not been upgraded to manage incoming posts, please alert your team lead with your username and we’ll upgrade you.

All posts that are under review will be contained in this saved search. To access these posts, click on sort and filter, go to filter by then click on saved searches and select either Unpublished SMS, Twitter or Web as shown below. This will direct you to a data management view of all posts that are unpublished, and that have been geolocated, and translated.

Before selecting a post, check in with your team for any status or urgent updates related to publishing posts

Prioritize posts that have been verified, and are flagged as “Voting issues”, “Security issues” and “Dangerous speech”.

  • You should be able to create saved searches of your own so that you’re able to filter according to the criteria. Go to sort filter and create a filter that best suites your criteria and create a saved search for it. Follow image below.

  • We will work with your team lead to determine how to coordinate prioritization amongst your team

Select a post to publish

Select a post by clicking on the post card as shown below. Your post detail will pop up on the right hand side of your post card.

If the post is being edited by someone else on your team, you will see a notice on the top of the post detail pane. You will not be able to edit the post again until the post has been saved and taken out of edit mode by your teammate.

Please note: if you are an admin, you have the ability to override the edit lock. If you choose to override the lock, any changes being made by the person editing at that time will be lost if they have not saved them. Proceed with caution.

Search the platform for similar posts

Things you can search for include location name or event type. E.g if you are processing a post saying “Polling station #37 is closed”, search for Nairobi, or “closed”

  1. If you find a similar post, check to see if the post is exactly the same, or not.

    • If they are exactly the same, copy and paste the most recent post’s description into the older post, and ARCHIVE the recent one. Make sure you also transfer any pictures, video links or news links contained in the post you are archiving. Also, add the link to the archived post in the related post field of the most recent post.

    • If the posts are very similar, and look like they could both be referring to the same event reported from different angles, simply append a link to the similar post in the related posts field.

  2. If there are no similar posts, proceed to the next step

Make sure the post has been assigned to the correct survey

Review our Uchaguzi 2022 Survey + Category classification descriptions

If you think the post you’re reviewing has been assigned to the wrong survey, please check in with your team members/team lead for confirmation. Once agreed, create a new post with the same content from this post on the appropriate survey, and archive the initial post.

Confirm that the post has been appropriately categorised

Set appropriate task status for Verification, Translation, Geolocation and Escalation.

Scroll down to the tasks section:-

  • Translation: If the post is in any other language apart from English, or has no indication of having been translated, uncheck the “Translated”/”No need for translation” category (if checked) and mark the “To be translated” category as shown below. Note the ID of the post, and forward to the Translation team to check,

  • Geolocation: Go to the map section of the post and zoom in. Make sure the location where the red marker on the map appears is the same one written in the “Refine Location Name” field.

If the location is inaccurate, uncheck the “Geolocated” category ( if checked) and select the “To be Geolocated category”. Note the ID of the post, and forward to the Geolocation team to check and fix.

  • Verification: Mark this post as unverified, unless it is from one of our trusted sources. The verification team will handle this.

  • Escalation:

    • If this post needs to be escalated/requires urgent attention, select the “Needs escalation” category, and flag it to your team lead, who will fast track its processing by the emergency team.

    • If it’s already been flagged for escalation, do not alter the selection

Review the entire post one more time before publishing

Make sure the post meets the Uchaguzi privacy and security guidelines

  • Ensure no personal information is provided in post descriptions/titles

  • Ensure the location on the map matches the address provided

  • Ensure all appropriate categories have been selected

If all seems well, publish the post

Change the post’s status from “under review” to “published.”

Save your post

Once you’ve completed filling out all required details, click on Save.

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