The geolocation team is responsible for finding the grid coordinates for a given post and will plot that location for the post before publishing

This team will:

  • Find grid coordinates of reports created by the Media Monitoring Team

  • Find grid coordinates of posts identified by the Structuring Team

  • Find grid coordinates for other info requested by the Humanitarian Team (IDP camps, identification of specific villages, or infrastructure, medical camps, etc.)

  • Keep an up-to-date Google Doc of all grid coordinates found by location

The Geo-Location Team will ideally be proficient in or familiar with at least some of Open StreetMap, Google Earth, ArcGIS, QuantumGIS, Wikimapia, creation of KML files and map databases.

Step by Step Guide

Log into your team slack channel

Make sure you’re logged into slack and announce to your team that you’re starting your shift. If you don’t have access to the slack channel, please get in touch with an Ushahidi team member or your team leader and we’ll grant you access as per the Uchaguzi Access Chart

Log in to the Uchaguzi Deployment here

If your account has not been upgraded to manage incoming posts, please alert your team lead with your username and we’ll upgrade you.

All posts that don’t have proper location information tagged will be contained in this saved search. To access these posts, click on sort and filter, go to filter by then click on saved searches and select Needs Geolocation as shown below.

Select a post to geolocate

Select a post by clicking on the post card as shown below. Your post detail will pop up on the right hand side of your post card.

If the post is being edited by someone else on your team, you will see a notice on the top of the post detail pane. You will not be able to edit the post again until the post has been saved and taken out of edit mode by your teammate.

Please note: if you are an admin, you have the ability to override the edit lock. If you choose to override the lock, any changes being made by the person editing at that time will be lost if they have not saved them. Proceed with caution.

Geohunt for coordinates

Click on the edit icon, which will redirect you to the post detail page. Start looking for grid coordinates of the specific location provided in the report. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Use the “Find a location” button on the map. If there is an address provided OR a specific name of a city/village or place in the location field, COPY and PASTE it into the Find Location field as shown below. Once the pin has moved into location, zoom in to confirm that the location pinpointed corresponds to the one provided in the report. You can also search for locations by coordinates.

  • Research locations. Please review the following documents for lat lon information. They both include all grid coordinates which have been previously recorded for common areas, including 2017 polling stations.

  • Master Uchaguzi 2022 Kenya Geo Reference

  • Other mapping resources

  • If you’re unable to find the grid coordinates using the resources above, you can use the following mapping tools. Feel free to add any additional mapping tools that would be useful for this team

  • Once found, insert them into the dedicated latitude and longitude fields

  • Make sure the location name field has the precise location provided. If unsure about the accuracy of your coordinates, PLEASE INDICATE this in the location name field by adding any additional comments about the location

Complete the Geolocation task

  • Once you are done, scroll to the bottom of the post to the “Geolocation” section

    • Deselect “needs geolocation”

    • If you were unable to find location information, select “Impossible to geolocate”

    • If you were able to find the location, select “Geolocated”

    • Mark the task as complete

  • DO NOT ALTER ANY OTHER TASKS i.e Verification, Escalation in ANY WAY

  • Only verification, geolocation and escalation teams respectively are mandated to change these category selections


Save your post

Once you’ve completed filling out all required details, click on Save.

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