Survey and Category Classification

Why classification is important and how to do it

Classification of incoming information ( organization by survey and category) gives meaning to unstructured data coming from the public, making it easier to transform the data into actionable information.

It’s important to have a common understanding of what kind data each of these surveys represent, what the categories mean and how to use them.

  1. When creating a post, determine the appropriate survey for the incident you are posting, and select the survey.

  2. If you cannot find an appropriate survey to classify your incident under, select the “Other” survey. These will be audited later.

  3. If you repeatedly process messages that don’t fit in any of the surveys, please get in touch with any of the co-leads you know in the slack channel, and we’ll have appropriate people decide how to proceed.

This list of surveys and categories was designed to fulfill two different requirements:

  1. To provide easy terminology for people submitting posts (as well as to volunteers who are processing the posts) to understand, enabling quick classification of data without specific knowledge and expertise in the field of election monitoring.

  2. To provide categorization that reflects the needs and systems of responders in order to provide them with data that can be useful for their operations.

This list of surveys and categories is not set in stone. They reflect evolving situation on the ground and will be edited/modified accordingly whenever it is necessary. If you have any suggestions, please contact Cecilia at

Uchaguzi Surveys

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