Digital Response Teams Overview


These digital response teams are modeled from the structure used in the Uchaguzi 2017 project, inspired by team modeling of the Standby Task Force. There are 8 basic digital teams with other supporting roles.

  • Tier 1: These are the first teams to see and review posts received within the platform

    • Structuring: Responsible for converting posts from SMS and Twitter into the structure of existing surveys.

    • Media Monitoring: Responsible for monitoring citizen reports via different social media streams, i.e twitter, facebook, blogs, in turn, creating posts from them. We will not be posting mainstream media reports on the Uchaguzi platform.

  • Tier 2: These teams ensure that we can understand posts received within the platform, and can identify where posts are coming from.

    • Translation: Responsible for translation of posts from local languages to English. They will work closely with the media monitoring and structuring teams

    • Geolocation: Responsible for reviewing all posts for location information, and mapping posts that require geolocation. They will work closely with the media monitoring and structuring teams

  • Tier 3: These teams publish and ascertain the veracity of information received.

    • Publishing: Responsible for reviewing (ensuring correct structure and categorization) and publishing posts

    • Verification: Responsible for verification of posts. They will work to corroborate incoming posts using other existing citizen reports and mainstream media

  • Supporting teams: These teams make sense of the data collected and ensure that the technology is up and running.

    • Analysis and Research: Responsible for analyzing data within the platform, and providing situation room reports in the form of data visualization, pdfs etc. They will use many different tools and methodologies to help show the data in valuable ways which can be used by partners, citizens, and more. They will work very closely with Project Coordinators and communications officers.

    • Technology: Responsible for maintenance of for the duration of election monitoring.

  • Additional support: Partnership coordination, Emergency reports escalation, Communications

    • Emergency: Consists of team leads from every digital response team. Responsible for flagging posts for urgent processing and escalation to response partners.

How to get involved

Uchaguzi digital response teams will work in person in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition, there will be global virtual team members supporting online efforts.

NB: Training is mandatory. Only those who have been trained will be able to participate.

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