Overview of Ushahidi Platform [Mzima]

What does Ushahidi Do?

  • Ushahidi is a tool for collecting, managing, and visualizing data.

  • Data can be collected from anyone, anytime, anywhere by SMS, email, web reports, mobile applications, and twitter.

  • Posts can be managed and triaged with filters and workflows.

  • Data can be managed and visualized in different ways : on a map, as a list, or in different charts and tables through the activity view.

Who is Ushahidi For?

While anyone can use Ushahidi, traditionally it has been a tool used by Crisis Responders, Human Rights Reporters, and Citizens & Governments (such as election monitoring or corruption reporters). We also serve environmental mappers, asset monitoring, citizen journalism, international development, and many others.

What's New in Mzima Platform?

The functionalities of the mzima platform remain largely the same with what was in v3 platform.

  • Client: The main difference is the improved user interface and user experience.

  • Backend API:

    • Transitioned to a newer version of the Laravel framework: For enhanced performance, scalability, and productivity. With Improved documentation.

    • REST API v5 Completion which empowers you to extend the capabilities of the Ushahidi Platform effortlessly.

    • Deprecation of REST API v3 Implementation

Note: Work is still ongoing to incorporate functionalities from previous versions into mzima platform, and also add enhanced and new features.

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