5.2 Data view

Note: Some data displayed on this page may or may not be available to all users viewing the data view. What you can see or the actions you can perform is dependent on the permissions you have or are granted as a user.

The Data view allows you to view, triage, and manage posts coming into your deployment as a chronological list of events over time. It provides a split pane that lists post summaries on the left pane, and post details and editing features in the right.

Posts details/edit and the data view:

  • View individual post details

  • Edit posts to either change existing structures or assign posts from incoming datasources to a survey

Managing posts from the data view:

  • Add posts to collections

  • Publish posts

  • Put posts under review

  • Archive posts

  • Share posts

  • Delete posts

Bulk actions for posts from the data view: Perform bulk actions( publishing, putting under review, archiving, adding to collections and deleting) on multiple posts at a time.

Sidebar and Toolbar: See the page below for some more data view related information when it comes to managing data on your deployment through the sidebar and toolbar.

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