6. Managing Data in your deployment

A post is a report of a single instance of something in the deployment. It can be made up of many fields, such as Title, Description, Date, Links, and/or location. Ushahidi allows for collection of posts via

  • SMS: These can be configured to come in via SMSSync, FrontlineSMS, Nexmo and Twilio.

  • Twitter: You can pull our tweets based on specific hashtags, search terms, and/or directly from specific accounts.

  • Email: You can configure your deployment to receive post from an email address

NB: You can configure SMS, Twitter and Email as data sources as described in Section 3.4 of this manual

  • Web(your deployment page online): Since Ushahidi is responsive, you can add a post from the web app from any device that can access the internet (a computer, tablet, or mobile phone).

  • Smartphone apps: Our native applications on Android and iOS are still a work in progress at the moment.

This chapter will describe how to manage data coming in from these different sources

In the below video setup guide you will find how to view, filter, edit, publish, delete, export, and how to share your posts.

Video Setup Guide

Written Setup Guides

6.1 Viewing Posts

6.2 Filtering and Sorting Posts

6.3 Adding posts

6.4 Editing posts

6.5 Translating Posts

6.6 Publishing Posts

6.7 Deleting Posts

6.8 Importing Data

6.9 Exporting Data

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