6.1 Viewing Posts

Note: Some data displayed on this page may or may not be available to all users viewing the data view. What you can see or the actions you can perform is dependent on the permissions you have or are granted as a user.

Posts on your deployment can be categorised into two types of data:

  • Structured: Incoming posts from the web platform and smartphone applications are classified as structured posts, since they adhere to the structure of surveys created on your deployment.

  • Unstructured/Unknown: Incoming messages from SMS, Twitter and Email are classified as unknown posts, since they do not adhere to the structure of surveys created on your deployment. This means that these messages come in their raw form, and have to be manually structured by admins/anyone with permissions to edit posts, to fit into the structure of your survey. E.g. an SMS message “Hello, my name is Angela” will need to be broken down into a title, a description, properly categorised etc.

You can view posts in either Map, Data or Activity mode. We'd previously discussed each of these modes separately in Chapter 5.

For purposes of managing your data, we recommend using Data Mode. From this page, You should be able to see elements or perform certain actions as shown in the sections below.

See a list of all posts in chronological order of when they were submitted into the platform. You can opt to change the order of the posts either through options provided in the search filter ( we'll dive into filtering posts in the next section )

Post visibility Status: You can tell if a post is public or only visible to a specific audience

Post source (is it from the Web, SMS, Email or Twitter?):

  • Structured posts i.e. posts coming from web/smartphones will have the web label on them.

  • Unstructured posts i.e. posts coming from sms, email etc. will have a label denoting their respective sources e.g. sms, email etc

See Individual Post descriptions on the left pane, and post details _on selection of a post card on the right pane

When viewing post details on the right pane, you'll be able to see additional details such as survey type, location and the categories.

If you’re an admin/your user role permits, you’ll should also be able to see the Edit button/icon on the post card and post details of the selected post.

Locked posts and edit button/icon: Information for locked posts (and edit button/icon) goes here once added. For now, refer to v3.0 user documentation about locked posts.

Every post has a three dotted icon as shown below. Depending on what permissions are granted to the person viewing, this button allows you to:

  • Add your post to a collection (public)

  • Share this post (public) via facebook, twitter, embed on another website or export it to a CSV file.

  • Edit your post (limited by role)

  • Publish your post (limited by role)

  • Put your post under review, setting visibility to only members of your team (limited by role)

  • Archive your post (limited by role)

  • Delete your post (limited by role)

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