7.2 Collections

A “Collection” is a manually-curated grouping of posts. It is not dynamic, meaning the posts within it do not change unless a you manually update them.

You may find collections useful in grouping posts that you would like to share with external partners . For example , you may find it useful to add allposts that require escalation to a collection and then export data in that collection in a CSV file that youcan share with partners.

Please note that only registered users can create Collections. Non registered users can only view featured public collections

The setup in this guide is demonstrated in the below video as well. You can watch and follow the guide at the same time!

Video setup guide for creating collections and setting up notifications for them.

8.2.1 Creating new collections

To create a new collection,

  • Click on by clicking on:-

    • Collections icon on the bottom left hand corner of your deployment as illustrated below.

  • A pop up box will appear, with a list of all existing collections, and a Create new button. Click on it.

  • Then, fill in the following details:-

  • Assign a Collection name

  • Provide a description

  • Set the audience allowed to see this collection

  • Set the default viewing mode for this collection (choosing between Map, Activity, or Data). This is the view that a user will see when they first arrive at this collection

  • Determine if this collection is featured or not. Setting this collection as featured displays to all users on the collections menu

  • Click on Save when done.

  • Your collection should now appear on the left menu bar under Collections

8.2.2 Adding Posts to collections

You can add a post to a collection from:-

  • The three dotted icon on the data view page while viewing the list on the left and the detailed pane on the right.

  • A pop-up box will appear, with a list of all existing collections. Select the collection(s) you’d like to add the post to.

  • You can add a post to multiple collection, so tick all checkboxes that apply.

  • You can also create a new collection to add the post to from these two pages. Simply click on Create New from within this dropdown as described in the Creating new collections (section 8.2.1) of this manual

8.2.3 Adding notifications to collections

As a registered and logged in user, you can set up notifications on Collections. This means that any time a post is added to a collection, you will receive an email or phone notification.

To add a notification,

  • Click on the collection you’d like to receive notifications from.

  • Click on the three dots button, right next to the Edit button.

  • Click on Get Notifications.

  • You can turn off notifications for this collection using the same process described above.

8.2.4 Editing Collections

To edit a Collection,

  • Click on the collection you would like to edit

  • Click on Edit as shown below:

  • Edit your Collection details, then click on Save.

8.2.5 Deleting Collections

To delete a collection,

  • Click on the collection you would like to delete

  • Click on the three dots button, right next to the Edit button.

  • Click on Delete. A pop up box will appear on the top of the page, prompting you to confirm whether you would like to delete your collection.

  • Click on Delete to delete your collection

  • If you’d like to cancel the collection deletion process, click on Cancel

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