7.1 Saved Searches

Saved searches are dynamic groupings of posts that match parameters chosen in filters. They are dynamic because as new posts are added that fit the search criteria, they will show in the saved search automatically, and without manual intervention.

Saved searches are particularly useful for managing workflows and teams on your deployment. They allow you to set filters for information that’s relevant to each working group/team. For example:-

● It is useful for a team tasked with structuring to only see posts that are unstructured. Creating a saved search with these parameters will be useful

● A team tasked with publishing needs to only see posts that are yet to be published, so creating a saved search with these parameters will be useful.

Please note that only registered users can create Saved searches. Non registered users can only view public searches

The setup in this guide is demonstrated in the below video as well. You can watch and follow the guide at the same time!

Video setup guide for creating a saved search and setting up notifications for them.

You can create a saved filter from your homepage by:-

  • Clicking on the filters button from the toolbar

  • Changing or altering any type of filters as shown above e.g. status, date range, surveys, sources etc. Once done, follow the instructions below;

    • A Save new filter button will appear on the saved filters dropdown.

  • Click on it.

  • A small pop up box will appear, asking you to fill in the following details:-

  • Assign a saved search name

  • Provide a description

  • Set the audience allowed to see this saved search

  • Set the default viewing mode for this saved search(choosing between Map, Data or Activity). This is the view that a user will see when they first arrive at this saved search

  • Determine if this saved search is featured or not. Setting this saved search as featured displays to all users on the saved search menu

  • Click on Save when done.

  • Your saved search should now appear on the Saved Filters menu bar on your search bar.

If you select the saved filter which you have created right now and then check the data/map view posts, you will realize that the posts have been filtered according to the saved filters you applied.

Before starting this procedure, first of all change or alter any type of filters again e.g. status, date range, surveys, sources etc.

  • Go back and look for the saved filters you added previously among the list in the saved filters dropdown. You will find an edit icon just beside it.

  • Click on the edit icon, and just save it (you don't necessarily need to change any details, but you can change if you wish - the most important thing is the filters you changed again earlier)

  • Then check the data view posts and map view posts to see that the new filters you modified before saving the edit are what is applied.

As a registered and logged in user, you can set up notifications on Saved Searches. This means that any time a post is added to a saved search, you will receive an email or phone notification.

To add a notification,

  • Select saved search you’d like to receive notifications for

  • Click on the three dots button, right next to the Edit button.

  • Click on Get Notifications.

  • You can turn off notifications for this saved search using the same process described above.

To edit a saved search,

  • Select saved search you would like to edit from the search filter.

  • Click on Edit as shown below:

  • Edit your saved search details, then click on Apply.

To delete a saved search,

  • Select saved search you would like to delete

  • Click on the three dots button, right next to the Edit button.

  • Click on Delete. A pop up box will appear on the top of the page, prompting you to confirm whether you would like to delete your saved search.

  • Click on OK to delete your saved search

  • If you’d like to cancel the saved search deletion process, click on Cancel

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