3.4.4 Vonage(formerly NextMo)

Vonage is a cloud-based SMS API that lets you send and receive a high volume of messages to mobile phones in any country at wholesale rates.

NB: You need a nexmo account to be able to configure this as a data source. To sign up, go to (https://dashboard.nexmo.com/sign-up)

To get started with Nexmo set up,

  • Log into your Vonage Dashboard https://dashboard.nexmo.com

  • If you haven’t already, you’ll need to buy a number that you will use to receive SMS messages from.

    • Click on Numbers on the top menu bar on your Vonage dashboard

    • Click on Buy Numbers

    • Set the desired criteria of the phone number you’re looking to use

      • Select the country in which the SMS Number will likely be operating in

      • Select the features of this phone number(SMS only, Voice only or SMS & Voice)

      • Select the type of phone number it will be (Mobile, Landline, Toll free)

    • Click on search. A list of available numbers based on the criteria set above will appear.

  • Click Buy on the number you’d like to use.

  • Once you have a phone number, note it down as you’ll need it to configure your data source later on.

  • You’ll need to grab your API credentials from your nexmo settings page.

  • Pick your API KEY and API SECRET from the API Settings section.

  • Go back to your Data source settings page on your deployment

  • Click on the drop down icon on the right to get to your Nexmo configuration page

  • Enter the following details, which you got earlier from your Nexmo Dashboard

    • From: Enter the phone number you will use to receive SMS messages from your nexmo account

    • API KEY: Enter the API key retrieved from your nexmo settings page.

    • API SECRET: Enter the API secret retrieved from your nexmo settings page.

  • Click on Save **and this data source’s settings will be saved. Unstructured posts from SMS will now be pulled into the platform from Nexmo.

  • To enable/disable the Nexmo data source, simply click on the green toggle.

  • If you’d like to edit your Nexmo configuration, simply click on the drop down icon on the right while on the data sources list page and make your changes.

Nexmo setup for Ushahidi Platform SMS connectivity

Go to https://dashboard.nexmo.com/settings where you can set up the webhook. This is where we can make Nexmo aware of the existence of your Ushahidi deployment and help them connect with each other. Enter the sync URL i.e “https://yourdeploymentname.api.ushahidi.io/sms/nexmo” on the inbound SMS webhook field as shown below and save changes.

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