About the Documentation Special Interest Group


We want to make documentation for Ushahidi Open Source awesome and more fulfilling than a bucket of granola bars.

Who are the usual suspects around here?

  • Will Doran (Ushahidi)

  • Eriol Fox (Ushahidi)

  • Staicy Gitau (Ushahidi)

  • Anna Iosif (Ushahidi)

  • David Losada (Ushahidi)

  • Angela Oduor Lungati (Ushahidi)

  • Romina Suárez (Ushahidi)

We are glad to include in the list anyone who is willing to put in the work.

Anyone is welcome to provide documentation. See how to contribute (TODO: link)

Who's at the wheel?

The SIG coordinator

David Losada is currently serving as coordinator of the group. Organizing and mediating meetings, taking blame and being the default assignee of any task on our radar.

Process coordinator

Angela Oduor Lungati , TODO: please put this in your own words?:

  • Overview of docs effort

  • Oversight of phases and delivery

  • Ensure adherence to process

  • Checking on timelines

  • We should use cycles


  • Anna Iosif: Pattern Library

  • David Losada: all the rest

We review your contributions.

Design and Accessibility

  • Anna Iosif

  • Eriol Fox (?)

TODO: please talk about yourselves

Gitbook janitor

David Losada is yours truly. Opening doors, cleaning floors and helping kids trapped in the system.

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