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March 23 2020:

    answering intercom messages which are coming in at at 10x more than before
    Facebook account: Cecilia was listed as an editor not admin. Now she's an admin. Plan to redirect everyone to the website so that everyone has the same info.
    David: making sure our servers are alive and making adjustments to be able to handle new load.
    Walter: verifying issues that came up through intercom.
    Romina to open source the mobile app.
    Anna: reviewing code. Trying to figure out how to help potential interns apply. Working on the plans to upgrade issue later. Then editing COVID page to include video.
    Romina to do pull requests to support Anna today
    Outreachy: just monitor situation for now.

December 1st 2019

Attending: Angie, Romina, Anna, David L, Eriol, Cecilia, Walter
    COC email
      AP's: Missing 1 transparent of who is in the email group.
      What's going to happen once they send an email.
      Short message/training if you're in that list and what happens.
    Finish these actions before EOY & Publish
    People to be on the list: Romina, Anna, +1 open slot Cecelia
    Anna will edit the doc
    COC needs to be finished by the EOY
    2020 plan - Ideas for engagement: SDK (if we get it) done in the open, more meet-ups every 3rd month updates based, Open our process, community call be open? have to be willing to speak about or not speak about internal discussions (good experiment) q1 and then review, Ease into it by inviting specific community members or people who are very involved now, finding out and working on what ever problems stop people from working on features, Product roadmap meetings and fixed roadmap review meeting open for community quarterly scheduled calls. < decide on timings a-sync.
    QA testing suite accurate and backlog cleaned etc.

November 18th 2019

Attending: Eriol, David L, Romina, Anna, Walter
    DIAL report submitted! Thanks to Romina, Angie and Irene W.
    FOSSDEM submission came and went without applications. Open Source Design's room is still open until 1st Dec.
    newsela hackathon went well!
      Eriol needs to send swag
      3 PR's documentation, private key that was missing, a new middle ware that's not merged yet, someone attemped totla post bug, Hover state for time meta data.
      Everyone managed to do a PR
      Some issues setting up platform (as always) forgotten to do CSH? different versions of node in terminal sessions. 3 min pair and it was resolved.
      The best balance of effort to output so far. Got the feeling these people were senior and found it easy to setup and fix. Didn't need help.
      Background were python and react developers
      Someone started to work on a huge tech debt issue.
      Incosistent use of hypens and underscores?!
      Pattern library fix was needed.
      No devops or QA contributions yet!
    We'll plan the Women who code hackthon for the new year
    Eriol did a short report back on Open Design
    Eriol needs to follow up with the attendes to support the contributions in the issues.
    Phillipenes slowness in intercom. Documentation on platform as a service. Not code, not how you use but things that are relative to issues or things that happen when you use it.
    Cecilia FAQ's section. Support gitbooks. Steal the guides from David L.
    New docs for field description.
    Kenya GDPR tbc how awful? Romina will update us
    Please finish actions for DIAL retro. please please
    Walter to Discuss with Staicy re. Hague Hacks and Isooko balance
    Anna to curate the next one of the OSS calls

November 4th 2019

Attending: Eriol, David L, Romina, Anna.

October 7th 2019

Attending: Eriol, Anna, David L, Walter, Romina, Angie
Apologies: Staicy
    DIAL report progress/submission
    Devhub comms plan
      What do we want?
      Noise on social media -> who to tag #ushahidi #opensource
      Verifier being used -> Can we ask for a review/article? for blog post/twitter/quote and send schwag + add to documentation.
      Add a CTA in blog post -> drafts in .com needs review.
      Open post?
      Post in all the places like slack groups
      Angie also has a blog post ready re. OSS strategy. Almost ready for review. Link TBC.
    Verifier needs fixes. Has been capture in issues
    Hacktoberfest 2019 planning etc.
      Added Ushahidi in
      approx 20 issues in hacktoberfest label
      Shall we push our hacktoberfest issues to any of these events: AP: Eriol
      Do we have capacity? Tim is keen but needs guidance - Can we offer other support?
    Kerala feedback & Open Design needs
      Eriol described the nature of the Open Design relationship
      Anything that is very useful for face time with Kerala.
        Dive deeper on: the list of the things they wanted to build in their new system. What are the things that platform didn't do? what inform their choice to build custom than use us.
    CoC decision
      Quorum on CoC decisions from last week.
    Next meeting: Us being admins on deployers projects

September 30th 2019

    Eriol Fox
    Walter Obada
    Romina Suarez
    DIAL report
    Devhub comms plan
    Conferences prep - All things Open, Mozfest, Bath Digital Festival etc.
    Webinars/community meetups.
      Geochicas webinar: sent email to start to coordinate.
      ISOOKO Webinar: need to set expectations on what we want to cover.
      May want to do one about DevHub and Installer helper
      Still need to wait on discussions with the team on when we want to do these.
    CoC reporting
    Hacktoberfest 2019
      Registered in
      Tagged #hacktoberfest issues in GitHub (thanks TIm for the reminder!)
    [Community] feedback
      Difficulty getting funding for their projects.
      Eriol supporting a deployer on maternity leave/publishing reports.
    Decision - Set policy: discuss access to deployments (ie admin access) when someone offers.
    Bristol Women's Voice (Eriol is supporting them).
      Still coordinating.
    WOC Hackathon London.
      Still coordinating.

September 9th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    Eriol Fox
    Walter Obada
    Angie Odour
    Staicy Gitau
    David Losada
    Romina Suraez
      Clean up on the dev hub right now
      QA docs need moving from github to gitbook.
      Romina is working on videos.
      Loose threads that need wrapping up. Friday max deadline.
      Quick demo of Dev Hub structure. Looking good. Do a demo on Allhandscall.
      Ushahidi platform helper work ongoing. A lot done. Internal QA done. Final test run.
      Installer is going well but Docs are needed.
      b) Blockers
        AP: Anna needs help with some BE connecting up. David & Anna to chat.
      c) Report writing plan
      d) Future music
        Usertesting with community can be done later once a living thing is out there. Eriol can test with users or can do open Q's to the community.
        Engagement on helper asking people to use it.
    OSD: Needs for support this week?
      COC reviews in channel
      Future: Curating a design track for OSS events in partnership with Open Source and confs.
      How to work events around a current issue in a backlog.
    Mailing lists/Forums
      Opinion: Kill mailing list. Keep forums until we find something else.
      Forums good for referring back to historical questions. Purpose is good. Staicy & Cecilia helping out with a schedule.
      AP: Remove from docs and replace with Gitter/community link Romina!
      Further discussion needed on purpose of forums.
    CoC reporting
    Hacktoberfest 2019?
    Kerala feedback
      Eriol needs to speak to Kerala by the end of the Month re. open Design. But let's understand a holistic approach to engagement with these folks.
Short check in on Thursday for DIAL < AP: Anna to organise
Carried over to next meeting:
    CoC reporting
    Hacktoberfest 2019?
    Kerala feedback

August 26th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    Eriol Fox
    David Losada
    Romina Suraez
    Walter Obada
    Angie Odour
    Staicy Gitau
Free session - We're wrapping up DIAL and looking forward at platform strategy, Technical meetings etc.
Deadline of DIAL stuff 18th Sept.
Shall we open up the call for anyone to join?
Community calls? Shall we look at those
Walter Q - Testing QA documentation issues were created for Write/Speak/Code conference OSS day.
Should asks for OSS contributions live in github repos or somewhere else. Does it make sense to have it on one place.
OSD re. Social polls: How did they find the issues they worked on. Where, why, how?
Platform call is strategy - there needs to be a place to talk about the kind of community work. Should we combine the call. Move the S&E call?
There's no frame for us to talk about open source stuff that we want to do as GSOC & Outreachy & DIAL
Is there a reason we are struggling to keep it alive without a grant?
How are we giving direction to OSS efforts?
Transition period 1 structure to something new? What decisions can we take in this call? Some direction?
The drive to do stuff is there, but we need to package it and know where it's going.
Email from Michael Downey
Hello friends of DIAL Open Source Center, we are planning year-end participation in both Outreachy and Google Code-in. We are writing to ask if your organization might be interested in participating in these upcoming mentorship opportunities.
Do we want to participate in Google Code-in and/or GSOC. Deadline on 5th of Sept.
Lots of travel in October when Google code in starts.
No one leading the S&E side of things.
Discussion on how to best manage that in the interim. OSS is the core of the new direction on what we're doing.
Agreed merging with S&E and every 2nd week we'll discuss.
Have a bigger conversation on the Platform call re. roles & gaps in our work.
Report due 60 days after finishing grant (18th Sept)

August 12th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    Eriol Fox
    Angie Odour
    Staicy Gitau
    David Losada
    Romina Suraez
    Walter Obada
    We're due a progress report? Angie & Anna looked at the requirements of the grant re. when we're due to submit grants
    Angie is reaching out to Mike to ask.
    1 month left on the project! 18th of Sept.
    Installer is due to be done in about 2 weeks.
    Dev hub is being worked on
    Final report
    Everything DIAL is looking good!
    Walter is working on the QA documentation
    We would like more QA contributions :) or non-code contributions
    Managing push requests from community is not part of anyone's workflow at the moment. << Ask Platform team/Angie How can we trust translation efforts.
    Eriol has sorted out swchag for interns.
    Need intern's addresses for posting.
    2 emails from 2 contributors re.
    Platform where people are translating things
    How does Transifex work?!
    AP: Ask Angie about Transifex
Devhub mini-brainstorm
    Anna & Eriol did a mini brainstorm about devhub structure and layout.

August 5th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    Eriol Fox
    Walter Odaba
    Angie Odour
    Staicy Gitau
    David Losada
    Romina Suraez
    Update on installer
    Update on devhub
    Update on interns
    Do we want to participate in Outreachy winter 19/20? Initial discussion
Anna & Romina working together on installer
Devhub is going well from Walter's efforts
Add new questions from support channel into FAQ
Eriol & Anna need to sit together and brainstorm on structure of devhub IA.
Deadline for DIAL work is the 18th of September and then we need to write a report.
Eriol gave an outline of the Write/Speak/Code open source coding day. Anna suggests writing a theme for issues. We need to well define issues. There's plenty to get help on. Eriol to set up a meeting next week with Anna, Romina, David L to plan.
Interns are doing well and working on projects. Do we want to participate in Outreachy winter 2019? We need to start prepping. Feeling is no wait till spring and plan a lot.
Intern final interviews and retro format to be discussed between Romina, Anna & Eriol.
Is the support and engagement calls still happening?

July 22nd 2019

    Staicy Gitau
    David Losada
    Eriol Fox
    Angie Odour
    Walter Odaba
    Anna Iosif
Talked about Outreach y & the upcoming meeting with Sage and how to progress post-internship period.
Some conflicts and confusing messages between people & interns.
Anna, David & Eriol to meet pre-Sage to be sure of what we want to cover.
Is there another report due for DIAL?
Installer is on target?

July 14th 2019

    Staicy Gitau
    David Losada
    Eriol Fox
    Anna Iosif
    Angie Odour
Installer - work on the back-end part. Romina will help when she is back from Nairobi. David is on Back-end and Romina is on Front end. David is doing a very basic vanilla UI to show Eriol to produce design(ish) work to help out Romina.
Devhub - Eriol tagged issues and did a bit of work while Anna was on vacation.
Intern update - Discussion about whether outreachy will continue to support one of our intern. Good experience for future interns. Eriol will set up a sync call with Outreachy.
Demo versioning in github - Looked at the 'create a new version' section in the gitbooks 'mode context bar' or left hand side panel. Creates a new branch in a connected gitrepo (not if you don't have a connected repo)
Also looked at for roadmaps:
Let's talk about for our roadmap :D
S&E/Platform call/discussion - Feedback about when we want the longer call for S&E. Monday 22nd for the longer call.

June 24th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    Staicy Gitau
    David Losada
Devhub FAQ: Anna will focus on creating the first version of it this week and then invite other developers to add to the questions they would like to add.
QA-part of devhub: Anna to discuss it with Romina.
Annas Handover: To be released before I go the 31st of June :)
Installer: David will go back working on in this week. How to release/communicate it? Talk to the "marketing-team"? We need to figure out who they are?
Outreachy/GSoC: Anna and David updated on the interns progress so far.

June 17th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    Eriol Fox
    Staicy Gitau
    David Losada
Maternal leave & apologies ❤️ :
    Angela Oduor
1.Milestones for DevHub and timelines & Strategy on getting these done
    Went through spreadsheet
    These need adding to repo as issues.
    Anna off on break on 1st of July for 1 month
    Each task needs an owner. But tasks can be open.
    An idea: Online/In-person events to help with this documentation/process
3. Milestones and timeline for the helper
    Resourcing for design is being reviewed
    Eriol could give a minimal FE design - not how it looks 'all the way' but some nice FE touches so Anna can do FE dev. Eriol to work on minimal design during July.
    UX testing in September.
    DIAL finishes 18th Sept.
    Documentation & blog post from the feature description.
    Social outreach on 'We're building a helper!' DM for to get involved. <- Eriol can make Instagram/social graphics
4. Progress on GSoc and Outreachy
    J has been working through issues to get familiar with web development as their background is CS
    Eriol have been supporting conference applications.
    David been working with T.
    Some shyness from interns.
    J has been dealing with powercuts so GSoC can give an extension. J will tell us if this happens as it shouldn't mean she has to work extra.
    Anna & David L requested to do a short write up of what worked well/didn't work well etc.
    Are we doing google code-in in the Autumn? If we can get in if we don't have DIAL funding.
5. AOB
    Consider using Lumen/Larvel than gitbooks for a main page and the versioning is better.
    No S&E calls until Angie comes back & strategy has been communicated.

June 10th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    Eriol Fox
    Staicy Gitau
Maternal leave & apologies ❤️ :
    Angela Oduor
    David Losada
    Dev hub async milestones brainstorm and agree on these this
    Update on MOSS grant and next steps there
    Please read the document and comment on the workplan/SOW
    Staicy to send Eriol training documents for PTX in Kahzakstan
    Ghana & DREAMS
    Any useful questions we have for potential new grassroots users of platform.
    Mozilla festival application & Travel grants in by the end of this month.
    Eriol to send the document round to Staicy & Interns and get submissions
S&E update
    Things are hazy re. the strategy for platform. Need to know the direction.
    Why do people still want to use crowdmap? Find out these reasons

May 20th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    David Losada
    Eriol Fox
    Staicy Gitau
Maternal leave & apologies ❤️ :
    Angela Oduor
Agenda for 20/05/2019
    Outreachy/GSoC follow-ups
      Anna spoke to Jenniline
      Eriol spoken to Timothy & Nidhi and due to speak to Jenniline today
      Some Interns need more direct structure and issues.
      1 intern back to Uni in June
      Eriol to ask to sync with a professor re. course load and Ushahidi work.
      Today till end of August intern period.
      It doesn't mean you're not a good coder if you use a library
      Invite interns to the developer channel & also a new channel for the intern's solo
      3 things for Nidhi Project, Portfolio & Speaking pitches. Finding jobs post internship
      Need to provide an intern some better audio equipment. Can we absorb the cost.
      Anna needs time to write issues for the interns.
      Interns are good re planning.
      Bigger team call next week with interns etc. Mid week meeting to be scheduled by Anna at 12.30
    DIAL-strategic follow-ups
      Elections tool kits/planning document brainstorm - Eriol
      Devhub document & meeting & trello board review - Anna
      David & Eriol Installer
      Videos - Eriol & Anna to look at on Sunday in Vilnus documentation day. Eriol to bring audio recording equipment.
      Still got $800 for swag - Ask interns what they want
3. MOSS application follow-ups (@Eriol to update with progress)
    Ideas to be added
    Process going well
    Eriol to finish more by today
    Implementation circle report-back (@Anna)
      Isooko that need resources via Shadrock
      Implementation kick off
      Monica & Shadrock have needs around documentation in the upcoming months
      Anna syncing with Monica on Wednesday. Clarity on what is needed
      Raising DIAL work at Implementation work
      Informed re. DIAL work
      bi-weekly meetings - Think through what we want to raise there. Specific resources.
    Review of last week’s action items
      See point 2 for AP's
    David’s Github/Maintainerati plan
      David is attending both of these! :D with some funding :D Wednesday is a travel day. Thursday is the conference
      GitHub announcements
      User group focus discussions
      Meet up with Devon. In the OSS section of GitHub.
      Kickstarter style funding from users.
      Group to talk about what those features should look like
      Maintainerati - Smaller get together and what their pains & joys are. unstructured.Plan is talk to talk to folks there and see what happens.
      If you find designers please push them to Eriol :D
      Design Open Office Hours - Opening up a weekly time for the community
        Eriol to ask the org call on thoughts
        Staicy suggests monthly so that people don't take advantage and also that people can look forward to it.
        3 for internal 1 for community.
      Brief what we want from Write the docs: Vilnus.
        Videos - Eriol & Anna to look at on Sunday in Vilnus documentation day. Eriol to bring audio recording equipment.
        Anna is planning her speech wants support with talking. Suggestion for talking at allhands
      Anna needs to push out devhub doc & sync meeting next week.
      Anna to have a chat with Monica re. Isooko documentation re. Dev hub
    Request for the S&E calls are asynchronous via Slack.

May 13th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    David Losada
    Eriol Fox
    Staicy Gitau
Maternal leave & apologies ❤️ :
    Angela Oduor
Agenda for 13/05/2019
    Plans and ideas for outreachy / gsoc . (@davidlosada & @Anna)
    Quick and fruitful brainstorm between David L & Anna. Stuff to do and keep in mind when working with them.
    Being engaging and communicative
    On Slack in general. Invite on developer channel.
    Make sure they get the impact, experience the culture, over and above what they have signed up for.
    Group approval to invite interns to #community-docs
    Invite into community docs & calls?
      Eriol agrees
      Staicy agrees
      Anna agrees
      David agrees
    One call with all interns weekly and 1-2-1's with interns.
    Eriol to set up intro meetings with the interns for intros
    Encourage them to blog/write. Cross post in Medium/Twitter etc.
    Jenniline is required to blog every second week. via outreachy
    Host a meet-up based off their work. Online/In-person? community meet-up
    Find a target group of users to use these features. Voice, USSD, JS Migration
    Eriol to dig out the Voice people from mozfest re. Justin
    Staicy to reach out look at old DREAMS partners re. Voice
    David L to reach out to Jess re. USSD
    Swag for interns ($820 from DIAL)
    DIAL money for travel - two people in West Africa. Can we organise a physical meeting? Let's talk in more depth. Talk about travel in more detail. Desire to have a meet-up in Ghana.
    Jason has been contacted re. Travel grants - could be used from
    MOSS application — a few decisions to be made (@Eriol)
    How long do we want funding for?
    How much do we want to ask for?
    Some org details Eriol needs from June/Irene/Nat
    We want to apply for 12 months funding
    Deadline of mid June/ beginning July to submit the grant
    Use the 2017 application as a template
    Ask for up to $200k
    Two ideas: One on sustainable and engaging open source community and the other around elections tool kits.
    Follow up on DIAL Strategic grant efforts
    Installer efforts going well working with Romina
    No visual/Design needs yet
    David L to do a walkthrough with Eriol to talk UX & detail the flow & do a doc on what might need to be done.
      David could do it on a DIAL call?
    Devhub kickstart (@Anna)
      Not said exactly what we would do
      Increase number of tutorials
      Better community wiki/docs
      Notes from first brainstorm
      Set up a new call on devhub @Anna
    Ideas for blog posts we could pitch to Jason Hibbets , to feature on
    Loves posts about tools not events!
    Create a google doc @David L
    Ask the interns? ->
      Methodology from migrating from Angular to React
    OSD methodology
    Unblock conversation about Platform future and OSS . Game plan
    Stuff is happening in the org.
    Platform needs some guidance and strategy.
    Let's discuss the document again!
    1. . What was it? Is it worth recovering?
    Let's recover the content & improve the content.
    How would we frame the content recovery?
      Questions around Elections
        Things a country could do to make elections democratic? Look to other orgs and what they do.
      Crisis response
      Educational purposes - Universities talking about GIS and crowd sourcing
      Key areas that come up (where platform is used)
      Why did it fail/become unmaintained?
    is the timing of the call still good? Any adjustments necessary?
    Moving to 11:00 CEST//12:00 EAT/10:00 GMT!!

May 6th 2019

    Anna Iosif
    David Losada
    Eriol Fox
    Staicy Gitau
Maternal leave & apologies ❤️ :
    Angela Oduor
Agenda for 6/05/2019
    Mauritania elections - Staicy
      Very chatty on intercom/twitter
      June 22nd elections - very time constrained
      Budget wise it'd be tricky
      Can we do something with DIAL on this?
      Brainstorming document set up?
      Can we spin it in the elections EU grant?
      AP: Ask around contacts to see if there's anyone that can lead on this.
        Eriol will ask Team Rubicon, Democracy Club & Rightscon
        Other people list your contacts here :)
      Let's plan to support other elections
          Elections toolkit?
      Watch the Business dev noise
    ECRF training - David
      Came to Budapest from Eygpt.
      Went well but intense
      Happy with results of training
      Used documentation
        David has noted sections that need updating
        Disappointed with Platform as a product. Not clear on the features and relevancy to them
        Some bugs in Platform - not well maintained mostly mobile
        Lots of packages and dependancies needing updating
      Hard to give answers on 'what we will look into' can't make promises.
      Platform strategy meeting Eriol to schedule for week of 12th May
      David to connect org up to Eriol for a usertesting session.
    Questions from chat w/ Shadrock - Anna
      Caught up with DIAL work
      Implementation team setting up via Shadrock - Anna to keep in touch
      Celestine is getting inbound leads and the strategy needs clarity to talk to clients
      Eriol is gonna join org calls but other people should too if they want to help protect platform
      It's a blended grant app part AI part Elections grant smooshed. Let's try to make sure this stays achievable for the team. - David and/or Staicy to keep an eye on this grant.
    DIAL 2 - start scoping devhub
      Going A-sync conversation
    MOSS-grant- we should apply
      Eriol will talk to Sarah about this re. a good contact name and also start the application.
      Plan for another in-person hackathon install event
      Eriol will @ the installathon people in the channel to try to do more engagement
      Outreachy & GSoC will announce today and we should plan an onboarding.

April 16th 2019

On the call:
    Anna Iosif
    David Losada
    Eriol Fox
    Staicy Gitau
Maternal leave & apologies ❤️ :
    Angela Oduor
Agenda for 16/04/2019
    Look at the next application and get it ready to submit:
      Submitted! yay! well done!
    Outreachy & GSoC updates
      We want:
      (Outreachy) - Data exchange or Voice - David L (Eriol & Anna could support?)
      (GSoC) - JS Migration - Anna & Eriol
      (GSoC)? - USSD - David L
      David L to think about what capacity
      Thursday is the deadline for deciding and getting back to students.
      Plan for Public holidays/vacation/holibobs
      Gone through board and assigned tasks
      All of track!
      Eriol is trying to do a in-person one in Bristol on the evening of the 7th
        Travel budget? <- Eriol to speak to June re. budgets
    Is the DIAL report finished and what are the next steps?
      Anna working on right now. Adding more details & then review. Max 5 pages, needs shortening & Financial report.
      Everyone to support by reviewing and shortening if possible.
    Is there any outstanding DIAL work?
      Videos - Anna will try to record 2 and send to channel
      Then review support needed from team
      Eriol can do voice recording and edit video & sound :)
    Write the docs Vilnus application deadline is the 22nd of April