Defect Management

When a defect is picked up during the smoke or regression testing phase, an issue is reported in GitHub following a bug reporting template found here.
The following information is captured in the report.
  • Title - short description of what the issue is. Anyone reading the title should be able to tell what the issue is.
  • Describe the bug - more details on what the issue is.
  • Expected Behavior - what should have happened.
  • Actual behavior - what actually happened. This needs to be a very accurate and detailed description of the behavior experienced.
  • Steps to reproduce - actions followed when bug was discovered.
  • Environment - Client used, version number
  • Operating System
  • Additional Information. Could be logs, screenshots, urls.
Before reporting an issue, take the time to look through the current issues and make sure it has not been reported. If it hasn’t been reported, proceed to creating a new issue.
TestPad has a feature that allows you to comment on any failure. Here you can leave a brief of why a test failed, including screenshots. If an issue is created on GitHub from this failure, you can leave a link to the issue in the comment section for easier tracking.