How to Apply to the Platform

Make changes

After the initial installation and setup follow these instructions:
  • Make sure gulp is running in your Terminal.
  • Edit and save the appropriate Sass files.
  • View your changes locally on localhost:8000 to see your styles in action.
  • Commit your changes.

Push changes to NPM

  • Assuming you have already committed your changes
  • Bump and tag a new version using npm version prerelease for a test release or npm version release for a production release
  • Push the new version to npm using npm publish
  • Finally, push the new tag to git using git push --tags origin
Note: The "version": "###" in pattern library package.json should stay in sync with the client package.json.

Test your changes on a local client

  • From within your platform-client installation run npm install ../platform-pattern-library/
  • Run gulp in your platform-client install
  • Check the results in the browser