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Setting up the Pattern Library for development

Setting up the pattern library for development

The pattern library holds all styles for the platform-client and its here changes to the css is made.

Note: If you are not planning to change the css for the Platform-client, you do not need to follow this guide.

Clone the pattern library

git clone;

Install the dependencies.

cd platform-pattern-library;
npm install;

Run gulp build to generate the fonts and compile the sass the first time.

gulp build

Start the pattern library in http://localhost:8000 by running:


Once the pattern-library is running, the front-end guidelines and a guide on how to work with the pattern-library and its structure can be found on http://localhost:8000/assets/html/front-end-guidelines/introduction.html​

Further reading

After setup, please read the Platform Pattern Library guidelines when working with the Platform Pattern Library.