Contributing | Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Ushahidi, and some of them are great for first time contributors. If you never contributed to Open Source Software before, or need more guidance doing it, please jump in our gitter channel or open an issue with a clear description of what you are trying to do, and someone in there will try to help you.

These are some ways to get involved:

Required reading: Code Of Conduct

We love having you here. But before you start, to ensure everyone has a good experience, we ask everyone that interacts with our community and staff to read our code of conduct.


If you find an area of the Ushahidi platform that could use better docs, we would love to hear from you in an issue, and would be seriously excited if you send a Pull Request. This is a great way to get involved, and one of the highest impact changes you can make at the moment. You can choose to work on user documentation, fix typos, or add new sections for discussion and collaboration with the community. Every little bit helps.

Report a bug

If you found an issue/bug, please report it here. Someone on the team will jump in to check it, try to help, and prioritize it for future development depending on the issue type.

Fix a bug

If you want to contribute a fix for a bug you or someone else found, we will be happy to review your PR and provide support.

Helping other users in the community

You are welcome and encouraged to jump in and help other members of the community, either by responding to issues in GitHub or jumping into our community channels to answer questions.

New features

Feature development is generally driven by our product and engineering team members, but if you have a great idea or found a user need that we haven't covered, you are more than welcome to make a suggestion in the form of a GitHub issue here, or reach out to Ushahidi staff in Gitter.

Security issues

If you think you have found a security issue, please follow this link where we explain our disclosure and reporting policies.

Adding Code

If you would like to add code to the Ushahidi platform, please follow this link to get a detailed workflow of how to get this done.