6.9 Exporting Data

The platform now allows for data export, enabling you to download posts from the platform in CSV format. You can download posts from your map mode, Data mode, saved searches and collections you have access to, or based on custom criteria( search filters set by you as a user).
To export a CSV file,
  • Click on saved search/collection you’d like to export data from.
    • You can also use the Search section on your header to filter posts you would like to export based on specific criteria
  • Once done, click on the Share button on the right hand of your header menu.
Then click on Export to CSV as shown below:
  • A small confirmation box will appear seeking confirmation on whether you would like to proceed with exporting your data.
    • Click on OK to export your CSV file
    • Click on Cancel if you would like to terminate the export process.
  • You should get a CSV file named after your deployment name in your downloads folder