6.8 Importing Data

The Data Import feature allows you to import posts into the platform. It is particularly useful in cases where:-
  • You need to upload posts in bulk
  • You need to upload posts that people can’t send to you via email/phone but have the data available in CSV format
  • (In future) You are transferring data from one platform to another
To import a CSV File,
  • On the left hand menu bar, click on Settings
  • Then, click on Data Import.
  • You’ll get redirected to the import page, as shown below.
  • Select a survey you’d like to match the data you’re uploading to. This field is populated with a list of all existing surveys on your deployment.
  • Choose the CSV file you would like to upload. Make sure that
    • You are uploading a file in CSV format. Any other file formats are not accepted
    • Your CSV file size does not exceed 2MB
    • Your CSV file has Column headers( these will be useful when mapping your CSV column to the survey fields)
    • Geographic location information is separated into two columns; one for Latitude, and the other for Longitude.
See below for a sample CSV file
Sample CSV File.png
  • Click on Continue and follow the instructions below.
  • On successful file upload, you’ll need to assign your CSV Columns to post fields, as illustrated below.
  • Click on Finish Import.
  • If successfully uploaded, You’ll receive notices as follows.