5.2 Data view

The Data view allows you to view, triage, and manage posts coming into your deployment as a chronological list of events over time. It provides a split pane that lists post summaries on the left pane, and post details and editing features in the right.
A list of posts on the left side of the data view. Click on one to select it.
From here, you should be able to:-
  • Add new posts
Adding new posts via the yellow + circle button.
  • View individual post details
  • Edit posts to either change existing structures or assign posts from Twitter, SMS and/or email to a survey
  • You can also
    • Add posts to collections
    • Publish posts
    • Put posts under review
    • Archive posts
    • Share posts
    • Delete posts
Click on the "..." button on a post to see a list of actions.
Listed actions: edit, add to collection, share, publish, put under review, archive, delete.
  • Get notified when new posts arrive
Highlighted: see new posts button. Click to see posts created since you opened the data view.
  • Perform bulk actions( publishing, putting under review, archiving, adding to collections and deleting) on multiple posts at a time
Highlighted: bulk actions button
Highlighted: bulk actions. Publish, Put under review, Archive.
NB: Data displayed on this page is dependent on permissions granted to the user viewing this page