2.1 Upgrading/Downgrading your deployment plan
If you’re subscribed to one of our plans on ushahidi and would like to upgrade to another available plan:-
  • Log into your deployment.
  • Click on Settings, scroll down.
  • Click on Plan.
List of settings in a Ushahidi Settings.
  • On the list of all available plans, click on the one you would like to change to
Plans page in a Ushahidi deployment listing "Demo", "Basic" and enterprise plans
  • On selection of the plan you’d like to upgrade to, you’ll have to confirm your password before proceeding and click on continue.
Confirm password input prompt.
  • Enter your credit card details and click on continue
Plan change modal. Displays form to enter credit card information.
  • After validation and successful payment, your deployment will be upgraded to your new plan in a couple of minutes!
NB:You can downgrade your deployment at any time by following the same process described above.
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