2.1 Upgrading/Downgrading your deployment plan

Ushahidi is in the process of changing its business model/pricing plan. The tool is free until 31st December 2022. This page is not applicable at the moment.
If you’re subscribed to one of our plans on ushahidi and would like to upgrade to another available plan:-
  • Log into your deployment.
  • Click on Settings, scroll down.
  • Click on Plan.
List of settings in a Ushahidi Settings.
  • On the list of all available plans, click on the one you would like to change to
Plans page in a Ushahidi deployment listing "Demo", "Basic" and enterprise plans
  • On selection of the plan you’d like to upgrade to, you’ll have to confirm your password before proceeding and click on continue.
Confirm password input prompt.
  • Enter your credit card details and click on continue
Plan change modal. Displays form to enter credit card information.
  • After validation and successful payment, your deployment will be upgraded to your new plan in a couple of minutes!
NB:You can downgrade your deployment at any time by following the same process described above.