1. Installing Ushahidi Platform

In order to start using the Ushahidi Platform you may choose between:
  • Installing it yourself. This assumes that you have a suitable server or networked computer and some time to go through our published instructions. Some technical familiarity with your computing environment is needed.
  • Creating your deployment online. This is done on Ushahidi's hosting service, which you may find at https://ushahidi.io/create . This doesn't require technical knowledge on your side.

Installing it yourself

The latest documentation for installing Ushahidi Platform is maintained by our developer community in the developer documentation area.
As a general guidance to which document you should start with:
  1. 1.
    Bundled release. The easiest start is usually with our bundled download, which contain stable and pre-built code to save you time. Please read this document for all the details.
  2. 2.
    Developer setup. If you may be interested in tweaking the code and willing to spend a bit more time, please head over to our list of setup guides to pick the one that suits you best.