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Ushahidi's open design workshop in Bangalore at DesignUp! Conference 2019

See on the Open Design website here: https://opendesign.ushahidi.com/bangalore-designup-2019/

The Open Design team has been accepted and invited to the excellent DesignUP! conference in Bangalore 2019 to deliver a masterclass workshop on the 14th of November.

DesignUp is an annual design conference focused on design in, and for, tech. The aim is to encourage conversations and work that make Tech and Businesses more human and humane as well as more impactful to people and the ecosystem in general.

Open Design Team will be hosting a full-day masterclass workshop on Creating impact with open source and humanitarian tech at DesignUp.

Open Design is a project-based approach to including Design in the creation of Open Source Software that makes a meaningful impact in the world. It is led by led by Ushahidi, in partnership with Designit and Adobe

The workshop will be focused on TenFour issues relating to the Kerala floods:

  • Issue 215: Create a location-based group when someone adds a location on their profile

  • Issue 131: Check-in urgency – When replying to a check-in

  • Issue 57: Messaging between TenFour and Users

In keeping to the Open Design methodology, the workshop will also include witnesses: people that have direct experience of the humanitarian challenge (in this case the Kerala floods). Before the event, participants will receive a packet providing links to the TenFour/OSS sticker sheet, activities like Empathy maps, storyboards, Inspiration boards, and other relevant information.

The workshop is targeted at Designers and UXers at all levels, including researchers, visual designers, UI designers, graphics designers, Interaction designers, product managers, coordinators and more.

Get tickets here: https://tickets.designup.io/

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