Ushahidi Installathon 2019 Hackathon

Installathon, May 2019

During fall 2018, we ran a survey in our community and we saw that one major obstacle in using the Ushahidi Platform was the installation.

Many of you got stuck during the installation and we suspect many leave after that, not looking back. Therefore we have worked hard on improving our docs and in May we will host our first Installathon, an online Hackathon over one week where the main focus is to help our users to install the Ushahidi Platform.

If you want to dig deeper and contribute there are also options to contribute to issues on the front-end or back-end and if you are interested, there are also options to learn how to install the Pattern Library and customise the appearance of the Platform.

Where is it? Since we have contributors and community all over the world, we have decided to make this hackathon an online one. You will have access to a Gitter and Slack channel and we will do our best to be online to cover all participants timezones.

When is it? The hackathon will take place between 2nd of May to the 7th of May 2019.

How does it work? Focus of the hackathon is to help our community to install the platform and those who want can also get started with coding and contributing to issues. There will be starter-issues available for the backend (PHP/Laravel), the frontend (JS/Angular) and also in the Pattern Library (HTML/SASS).

How do I join? Sign up on this link and we will keep you posted and send you more details as we come closer to the Hackathon week!

How can I chat with Ushahidi staff about the installathon? Visit to chat with the Ushahidi development team on getting up and running with the Ushahidi OSS repo from 2-7 of May 2019.

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